Our history

URGO Medical is a privately owned company based in Bourgogne, France. Our history dates back to 1880 with the opening of a small pharmacy. Over the years, this grew into a network of stores, manufacturing sites and eventually a laboratory.  In 2000, URGO Medical was established, with the introduction of our first advanced wound care dressing, UrgoTul®. 


Building trust and proving the efficacy of our products, we have grown into a leading multinational company. Today, we have 10 manufacturing plants across the globe, and employ over 1,200 people across five continents. We produce over 200 million wound care dressings annually, helping millions of people improve their quality of life.


Since 2019, URGO Medical established a permanent presence in the Australian market, with a full team of Medical Industry Professionals supporting health care professionals across the country.


Our mission

At URGO Medical our mission is ‘healing people’. We work to make a meaningful difference for patients, supported by clinical evidence. Because at URGO Medical we don’t just look at the wound we see the patient! We are committed every day to helping clinicians relieve the burden of wounds in patients by providing optimal solutions and protocols. 


As part of this mission, we invest heavily into future technology and proving the efficacy of our products. We are passionately research driven. Each year URGO Medical invests over $40m into research, innovation and the development of our products. This supports 140 people working within the Research Innovation and Development field, dedicated to finding improvements in wound management.  The efficacy of our products is supported by a pyramid of evidence, with more than 40 scientific publications, 55 clinical studies and 60 000 patients included within observational and clinical studies.


Our vision

The personal, social and economic burden of wounds is a major challenge in our society. At URGO Medical our vision is to make a difference in the lives of clinicians and their patients.  We strive to support health care professionals every day to deliver evidence-based wound care treatments, so that life can start again sooner for patients.


Our values

At URGO Medical our values are based on three key pillars:

  • Innovation: through research dedicated to improving professional wound care and healing
  • Humanitarianism: to improve health and wellbeing through healing, expert solutions, sharing education and listening to the needs of clinicians and patients
  • Boldness: as an enthusiastic, independent, forward thinking company, leading the way in wound care.


Last update : June 18, 2021