Compression range

Compression range



Improve treatment efficacy and patient concordance in compression.

As research has translated into clinical practice, compression therapy and leg ulcer clinics have been able to reduce healing times. A high level of sub-bandage pressure (around 40mmHg) at the ankle, is recommended for therapeutic treatment. However, some compression systems are unable to maintain this over time and can have a tendency to slip down the leg. To resolve this problem, Urgo Medical has developed an innovative solution UrgoK2, a two-layer bandage system.

Mode of action

UrgoK2 is a two-layer compression bandage system, which benefits from the PresSure system. This exclusive technology, aids the correct application of the recommended therapeutic pressure (average 40 mmHg) and around 20 mmHg( for the lite version) from the first application.




UrgoK2 is indicated for the treatment of venous leg ulcers, venous oedema and lymphoedema which require full compression.
UrgoK2 Lite is indicated for the treatment of venous and mixed aetiology leg ulcers, venous oedema and lymphoedema, which require a reduced level of compression.

Key benefits

  • High pressure level around 40 mmHg, maintained for up to 7 days for UrgoK2.
  • Pressure level around 20mmHg for UrgoK2 Lite.
  • Massage effect when walking (due to calf muscle pump), which improves venous return.
  • Quick and easy to apply with the PresSure system; the correct pressure is achieved from the first application.
  • High levels of comfort both day and night, for improved patient concordance.




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Clinical Evidence


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Efficacy, safety and acceptability of a new two-layer bandage system for venous leg ulcers

Comparison of interface pressures of three compression bandaging systems used on healthy volunteers A comparison of interface pressures of three compression bandage systems
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Efficacy and reproducible
compression of the KTwo
bandage system


I Lazareth et al. Efficacy of two compression systems in the management of VLUs: Results of a European RCT. Journal of Wound Care 21(11) 553-565 (Nov 2012)

  • Objectives : To assess the efficacy of UrgoK2/KTwo compared with Profore in the treatment of venous leg ulcer. Judgement criterion being 100% re-epithelialisation following a maximum of 12 weeks treatment.
  • Results : The rate of complete wound closure is represented in the following histogram, both globally and by country with ITT analysis.
    The efficacy analysis shows complete wound closure in 44.1% of the UrgoK2/KTwo group vs 38.7% in the Profore group (p= ns) (PP analysis shows similar results).
    Percentage of patients with 100% wound closure at 12 weeks.
    This clinical trial demonstrates the non-inferiority of UrgoK2/KTwo compared to the original 4-layer compression bandage system (Profore) with a high confidence rating proving UrgoK2/KTwo to be equal to “Gold Standard” compression.
    In addition, data shows that the UrgoK2/KTwo compression system has the same efficacy as the Profore system, is very easy to apply and has an excellent tolerance profile.
Last update : January 28, 2021