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Healthy skin with good integrity is essential to reduce the risk of developing wounds and to promote healing.

Sanyrene is the ideal treatment for preventing the occurrence of pressure ulcers. The products benefit from a unique formula which combines Corpitolinol 60, hyperoxygenated essential fatty acids rich in linoleic acid (60%), with vitamin E.

Mode of action

  1. The skin directly absorbs the topically applied, linoleic acid and incorporates it directly into the ceramides of the stratum corneum, guaranteeing its cohesion.
  2. Hyperoxygenation of Corpitolinol 60 is the result of oxidative changes affecting the unsaturated fatty acids, principally linoleic acid. This oxidation leads to the formation of certain elements, which, when applied directly to the skin, play a role in the regulation of cell division and epidermal differentiation.


Sanyrene is specifically indicated for patients at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. Sanyrene is also indicated for skin redness (erythema) which disappears with finger pressure


Key benefits

  • Sanyrene halves the risk of developing a pressure ulcer
  • Gentle, pleasant and pain-free application
  • Hypoallergenic and well tolerated
  • Paraben-free



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Last update : June 25, 2020