Research and Development strategy

Innovation through partnership

The Urgo Medical Research Division, pivotal in the creative process

_MG_4076The Urgo Medical Research Division encompasses a range of multidisciplinary teams including chemists, polymer specialists, physicists, technicians, biologists and pharmacists. This team works together at the health and technology interface, to discover and design breakthrough products for the treatment of specific conditions and to continuously improve the Urgo Medical wound dressing portfolio.

Working in liaison with external research centres, our 55-person strong team fine-tunes strategies to provide ever more effective solutions to relieve pain, simplify treatments and improve patients’ lives.


With access to a budget that has doubled in the past three years, the team strives to progress in two main areas:

  • Active substances
  • Smart materials

Panels and “Innovation Teams”: health professionals lead the way

Qualitative panels, made up of hospital and community medicine health professionals, help us constantly improve our response to treatment problems and validate each new product. In parallel, “Innovation Teams” composed of healthcare personnel and Urgo Medical employees meet regularly to examine specific and new research avenues.

Development process of UrgoClean through panels

Successful partnerships

At Urgo Medical, we have developed approximately twenty public and private partnerships to enable us to evaluate our ideas, enhance our skills and gain access to the most cutting-edge technologies. We are a highly committed industrial partner of numerous French public research bodies including: universities, the French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS), French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), National Training School (ENS), National Training School for Physics and Industrial Chemistry (ESPCI) and we are also developing further international partnerships, primarily in Europe.

Our solutions have proven performance

The Clinical Research Department, highly practical innovation

As a leader in the wound healing arena, we aim to set the standard when bringing new products to the market, in terms of both clinical evidence and health-economic validation. We are always looking for a benefit / risk ratio that is favourable for the patient and a cost / benefit ratio that is advantageous for the community as a whole.

An exception in the field of medical devices

As a socially-responsible and ethical company, we have always strived to stay a step ahead in terms of evolving regulatory requirements. This is to ensure that patients, healthcare personnel and health authorities know that our healing solutions have been rigorously and exhaustively evaluated. We have conducted 55 clinical studies since 1997 involving 2,500 patients in 250 investigator centres in Europe and in over 30 centres in the United States. In addition to these, numerous observational studies have included over 36,000 patients.

Last update : June 18, 2021