Urgotul Absorb Border : a double innovation

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Urgotul Absorb Border : a double innovation

tlc_2014Urgotul Absorb Border is the latest addition to the TLC range (Technology Lipido-Colloid) that has shown already great enthusiasm from clinicians.


Urgotul Absorb Border is the first 3 in 1 dressing benefiting from the Triple efficacy: a healing matrix (TLC layer in contact with the wound bed), absorbency (foam pad combined with a super-absorbent layer) and atraumatic silicone (waterproof adhesive backing with silicone on the edges only).


The uniqueness of Urgotul Absorb Border is mainly due to the TLC Technology that optimises healing, epidermal regeneration and reconstruction of dermis and epidermis; while providing pain-free dressing changes and promoting fibroblasts proliferation.


It is indicated for exuding wounds in the epithelialization stage, and is available in a wide range of sizes including a sacrum version.


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Last update : June 18, 2021