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Tackling the Burden of DFUs Together at the 2017 Diabetic Foot Australia Conference


Urgo Medical is proud to be Major Partner of the 2017 Diabetic Foot Australia Conference to be held in the QT Hotel Gold Coast, Queensland on 4th-5th September...

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UrgoK2 now indicated in Lymphoedema!


As for venous leg ulcers, lymphoedema is a major concern for patients, healthcare professionals and for us at Urgo Medical.


UrgoK2 is a two layer compression bandage system that combines long stretch and...

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Explorer: an ambitious study and a rigorous methodology to assess the efficacy of a dressing in the treatment of diabetic foot wounds.

Foot ulcers are one of the most common complications of diabetes. Worldwide 15% of diabetic patients will...

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Research & Development


Urgotul Absorb Border is the latest addition to the TLC range (Technology Lipido-Colloid) that has shown already great enthusiasm from...

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Documentation & Publications

UrgoClean® presents better desloughing properties than Aquacel®, up to 50% higher, clinically proven in a large Randomized Controlled Trial*

The EARTH study is a RCT that compared UrgoClean® and Aquacel®, in the local management of venous or mixed leg ulcers predominantly of venous...

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Last update : June 7, 2017