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URGO Medical is proud to announce that its “Tissue Viability & Wound Care Practice” program has been endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing !


This 2-day program is intended as a platform where basic to intermediate training is provided...

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Between February 20th and 26th 2018, Urgo Medical partnered with the Diabetic Foot Australia association, which aim is to end avoidable amputations in a generation, for 3 events called “What’s new in DFU” in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


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The first Urgo Master Class took place in Melbourne from 5th to 9th February 2018 gathering 15 Australian clinicians from different backgrounds and areas – podiatrists, wound consultants, clinical leaders…

Organized by the URGO Education and...

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Research & Development


Urgotul Absorb Border is the latest addition to the TLC range (Technology Lipido-Colloid) that has shown already great enthusiasm from...

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Documentation & Publications

UrgoClean® presents better desloughing properties than Aquacel®, up to 50% higher, clinically proven in a large Randomized Controlled Trial*

The EARTH study is a RCT that compared UrgoClean® and Aquacel®, in the local management of venous or mixed leg ulcers predominantly of venous...

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Last update : May 17, 2018